Escapism to Adventure (For Non-Adventurers).

Does the geographic cure actually work? Through a fast-paced journey of saying yes to the unfamiliar, pack your bags and set out into the world with a gay Jew determined to answer that universal question of Seriously...What Am I Doing Here?

Never having been on an adventure, Ken Schneck finds himself stumbling twice into rural Uganda; signing up for a 425-mile bike ride; stirring up drama at a Californian hippie, healing retreat; and somehow standing up straight with a colossal backpack strapped to his shoulders deep in the backwoods of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

This occasionally heartbreaking, often insightful, and reliably witty travelogue has at its core our never-ending search for meaning, our desperate need to grasp that elusive sense of place and community, and how we often fail to succeed (sometimes hilariously so!) but keep right on trying.

It’s an incredible read. Take it from comedian Kate Clinton: "Just in time: a witty travelogue for a serious world. And I even earned double frequent flier miles!" Or from "center square" Jim J. Bullock: "I was entertained, enlightened, moved to tears many times, and laughed out very loud (it's so fu#&ing funny)! Ken's courage, humanness, honesty, willingness, compassion, kindness, and understanding inspired me."

Bon voyage!